Due to popular demand, we are now offering a new service - tracking*. Tracking is a great way to wear out your canine both physically and mentally. Whether you are tracking human odor for SAR (search and rescue), or simply want to find moral mushrooms in the woods, tracking is a fun job for any dog. The job of tracking takes a canine with high ball and hunt drive. To determine if your dog has the 'right stuff' for this job, we require an evaluation ($50). Here's the deal - unfortunately not every dog wants to job, a dog that doesn't enjoy a job will probably never be great at it. We can want our canines to do XYZ job/task, but at the end of the day, if they don't want to work, then let us find a different job they will enjoy and excel at.

Each canine is different in how quickly they catch on to the task at hand. Some will excel quickly and others will take longer. Half of the job is training you, the owner, on how to read your dog. Generally speaking, we plan on taking a dog from start to finish in five to eight sessions. Cost will be $2500.00 (including the evaluation).

*This is a late-spring/summer/early-fall service only