K9 Procurement Program

We are looking for working dogs.

The 'pool' of quality working line or working-capable dogs has shrunken dramatically in the last ten years. If you are a breeder, trainer, animal shelter employee/volunteer/director, and have a 1-2 year old dog that shows great potential in a working line role, we would like to talk.



Contract dogs for protection, police, and military require very specific dogs. We are looking for Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and German Shepherds. Other times we need breeds for non-suspect apprehension jobs such as floppy ear dogs - Labrador retrievers, German Shorthair Pointers, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, English Pointer, etc. 

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What we look for

For dual purpose (suspect apprehension, narcotic detection, tracking) K9's, we need a dog with the following features. 

  1. Health (no genetic defects, good hips/elbows/spine)
  2. Dental (no missing teeth, or excessively worn teeth)
  3. Prey Drive (likes to chase a ball/frisbee/throw stick)
  4. Defense Drive (when put into a fight/flight response, need the dog to come out in fight mode)
  5. Sociability (we don't want dogs that are mean to everything and everyone)
  6. Trainability (can't fix stupid)
  7. Hunt Drive (throw a stick into the woods, does the dog have desire to search for it)
  8. Food Drive