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DogPoo Shampoo

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**Our supplier for Dogpoo Shampoo house burned down. Thus, we expect to have a replenishment in December 2018**

The WMK9 Organic Dog-Poo is not the first shampoo of it’s kind.  Though it’s the first shampoo of it’s kind that is going to work!  This shampoo is 100% organic.  The shampoo is designed to penetrate deep inside the hair follicles, creating a layer of protection on the hair, to prevent future dirt from getting on your pooch!  In addition to the mechanics of the shampoo, the smell of the shampoo was one of our major focuses.  It’s nice to have a clean dog but it’s even better to be able to smell your clean dog.  How often have you had your dog groomed only to have the great fresh smell disappear after a day or so?  We’re done with that!  The smell of this shampoo will last for weeks!  You will know that you dog is clean.  Oh, did we mention we did without all of harmful stuff to skin?  98% of shampoos on the market contain Sulfate which creates the “Suds” affect — which makes you think it’s a great lather!  This is actually just for affect.  It also dries out skin!  Several groomers are using this shampoo exclusively, and we are finally opening it up for sale to the public!  Let us know what you think!

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Organic Oils:

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Tea Tree


"I've been to almost all of the local trainers but WMK9 is first class and was able to solve my issues without the need of an e-collar! I also highly recommend their line of dog shampoo! My dog had severely itchy skin, but after trying “Dogpoo”, it hasn’t been a problem anymore. If you’re looking for a great trainer who actually cares about their dogs, look no further!"