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Free German Shepherd Breeder Reviews

We see consistently among the dogs we train and often times are able to pick the breeder before we even ask

We travel the state training all different breeds, clients, and locations.  Our current number of training is around 35-45 per month.  This has given us a unique perspective on “breeders” in Michigan and elsewhere.  We see consistently among the dogs we train and often times are able to pick the breeder before we even ask. We have seen some of the best-bred dogs and some of the worst.  We have had personal experiences with some of the breeders as well.  Lately, we have become concerned with the overwhelming amount of poorly bred German Shepherds that continue to be part of some of the major breeders in Michigan’s breeding stock.  We have worked with many clients who have invested several thousands of dollars into their dogs in the first year due to health issues related to the breeding.  These breeders offer a health warranty, which is actually nothing.  If your breeder requires you to sign a contract agreeing that you will provide your new puppy a vitamin supplement for its life — there is something wrong.  Such as agreeing to these terms from a local Michigan Breeder:

Our dogs are guaranteed until 5 years of age, for crippling hip dysplasia confirmed by x-rays from a competent licensed veterinarian. We reserve the right to have the dog re-x-rayed and the x-rays sent to the OFA for evaluation. Should the Buyer prefer to retain the said dog, the Buyer thereby forfeits any replacement. This guarantee is null and void if Penn-Hip proceduer has been used at any time during the life of the dog. The dog is to be returned to us at the expense of the buyer. This is a replacement guarantee only, with a puppy of equal value at the time of purchase as soon as possible.

Buyer Agrees to feed said dog ProPlan Large Breed/or any premium Dog Food, and NuVet Vitamin’s.

After having several clients lose their dogs (puppies) due to health issues we decided that we had to do our best to stop this from happening.

Beginning in August of 2015 — we will offer a free service in which anyone can utilize.  We will meet with you to discuss breeders in Michigan and offer more than our opinion but facts from observations, testimonials, emails, and vet bills we have been collecting from our clients that have spent several thousand dollars on a puppy, then spend several more on healthcare-related costs, often losing their puppy before the age of 3.  We will not charge for this consultation nor are you required to do any training with us.  Our motive is not to increase business, it’s simply to hold businesses accountable to ensure they are properly breeding and selling healthy puppies. If you or your family are in the market for a German Shepherd puppy — please contact us to set up a time we can discuss the various different breeders. There are some amazing breeders in Michigan, unfortunately, they are not the biggest nor do they spend the most money advertising.  We can help you save money on the initial purchase, and ultimately on the life of your dog.  We will make recommendations based on what “we would do”.

There are no strings attached.  Let us help you find a puppy at no charge.