History of West Michigan k9

It All Started When...

West Michigan K9 officially opened in 2013.  However, it was started like many other great companies, in a garage.  In August of 2013 we opened out first facility, and the rest is history!  Since then we have trained thousands of dogs, employed dozens of people, and trained many employees whom have been able to go out and create their own dog training companies.  We pride ourselves on being one of the longest serving companies in West Michigan providing dog training services at the level we do.

experience excellence

We treat the people the right way

Stephen began West Michigan K9 out of his garage as a hobby. In a very short time, Stephen became a household name in West Michigan as the area’s most sought-after Dog Trainer.  West Michigan K9 is now one of West Michigan’s most successful training companies, growing at a rapid place with a new facility based out of West Olive and an ever-growing number of employees being added to the staff.  

We have received recognition for our work with veterans by President Obama.  Our dogs have been used for Hollywood movies.  We continue to push the boundaries. Stephen’s firm belief is, “If you treat every client like they are your family, they will become your family..”.  Treating people the right way has led to West Michigan K9 growing outside of West Michigan K9 to a new facility in St Augustine Florida as well as providing services for the United States Government.