Stay & Train

Stay & Train

Stay & Train

This is a wonderful option for anyone who needs a great starting point in their dog’s obedience. Stay and Train can also be an ideal opportunity to enhance your dog’s training while you go away on vacation or to address behaviors that could benefit from professional intervention. Dogs enrolled in the Stay and Train program will sometimes come home with the trainer to work on focus areas that need to be addressed specifically in the home.  They start off learning in a home environment before taking it on the road and practicing their new manners in a variety of different environments, around people and other pets. The limited number of dogs allowed into the program ensures that each one will receive the quality time, individual attention, and personal care needed during their stay.

Each program is customized to your dog’s individual needs. Besides basic obedience and good manners, behavioral challenges such as aggression with humans/dogs, or social anxiety can also be addressed during a Stay and Train program.

Stay and train requires a minimum 7-day stay and owner participation is mandatory at the end of your dogs stay. Dogs with aggression issues, separation anxiety, and in some cases, dogs of particular breeds may be required to do the Stay & Train Advanced Program.

The Stay & Train program sets you and your dog up for success.  However it will require follow-up and consistent training once the dog returns home.  We will give you the tools to be successful upon hand off of your dog.

Here is what to expect:

1 Week – Foundation Markers / Basic Obedience / Leash Manners. (This option will require significant owner participation when the dog leaves.)

2 Week – Excellent Obedience / On Leash Walking /Manners in Public

4 Week – Off Leash Reliability – Overall better command response and control.

Each program does require owner participation. We do not consider the program finished until the follow up sessions are completed.

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The Stay & Train Advanced has everything a two-week features plus it will feature expansive training including: