Easy Boarding

Easy Boarding *Not currently accepting boarding at this time*

Our kennels are specifically designed to prevent food aggression from developing during your dog's stay with us

*Not currently accepting boarding at this time* Simply stated – it’s boarding for your dog. Per the pic above, you are seeing the outside of the kennels the back up to our outdoor run. Each kennel has a sliding door that allows your dog to walk in and out. Each kennel is temperature-controlled through in-floor heating powered by an outdoor wood boiler. In 2018, we added an industrial air conditioner to keep the temperature regulated and not too warm. Each dog in the easy boarding program gets plenty of exercises and has access to food and water throughout the day. The outdoor fence surrounding the kennels (not pictured), is 6′ tall with a #6 gauge steel chain link, which is buried into the ground 6″. The fence has two exits which have a two-door checkpoint that is double door latched and locked at all times for security and safety.

Our policy on Easy Boarding is simple. Every dog must be vaccinated and up to date on Rabies, DHPP (Distemper), and Bordatella. If a dog is not up to date when they enter our facility for boarding, they are turned away – no exceptions. We accept pickups and drop-offs Monday through Friday and are not open to the public on weekends.

There is clean water in each kennel, and the dogs eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the inside kennel. Our kennels are specifically designed to prevent food aggression from developing during your dog’s stay with us.

We partnered with Engineered Protection Systems (EPS Security). They installed a fire/security system that is monitored 24/7/365. The system includes smoke detection, heat detection, motion, and door sensors on every access point. We also have cameras mounted throughout the facility. We also have an evacuation plan filed with the fire department should an incident occur. We built our facility with safety in mind and continue to invest in improvements to ensure your pets are safe during their stay at our facility. 

Price – $30 per night. (Advanced Booking Required)