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The West Michigan K9 Family & Estate Protection Dog is confident, clear-headed, highly intelligent, social, affectionate, and of stable temperament whose character has been formed through professional training. It is a high-caliber dog developed and raised with intent and purpose by carefully studied selective breeding and classified according to temperament, drives, intensity, and level of true protection.

We do not believe in selling aggressive dogs.  Each Family Protection Dog that is sold through WMK9 has been hand-selected and raised from puppy to adult to ensure they were properly socialized.  Our dogs can attend kid sporting events, family functions, in-home get-togethers!  They will even go out to dinner with you and behave while you eat.  Think Service Dog / Protection Dog.  

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What our customer says to our dogs

I knew ten years ago that I would buy a dog from Steve Parent one day and I finally did. It was a big decision considering I wouldn’t see my dog because I live in Florida - but I knew without a doubt that my pup would be in great hands. Personal hands. And also be around Steve’s wife and daughter which meant so much because I knew my pup would be social. Protection dogs get a bad rap - but I cannot tell you how social and well-behaved my dog Murphy is. Murphy is a giant teddy bear that is so lovable. He has adapted so well after Steve personally flew Murphy down to me from Michigan to deliver him. I am forever grateful for Steve and his team did such an amazing job with Murphy. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you!